Antonio Costa re-elected Portugal PM

  • In recent Portugal election 2022, the Socialist Party of the Prime Minister Antonio Costa has won an absolute majority.
  • Indian-origin Antonio Costa has been in power in the country since 2015. In this election, the Socialist Party has got 41.7% of the votes. The Socialist Party has won 117 seats in the 230-seat parliament. In the 2019 elections, it had got 108 seats with 36.3 percent votes.
  • Orlando, the father of the Portuguese PM, was a distinguished litterateur. He was born in Madgam, Goa. Orlando was also a member of the Portuguese Communist Party. He took part in the anti-colonial movement and wrote a book called ‘Shine of Anger’ in Portuguese which is quite famous. Orlando left Goa at the age of 18 and settled in Lisbon. Antonio Costa was born in Mozambique.

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