Asia’s biggest “Gobar-Dhan (Bio-CNG) Plant” in Indore inaugurated by PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated a 550-tonne capacity “Gobar-Dhan (Bio-CNG) Plant” in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, on 19 February 2022 through video conferencing.

What is Gobar-Dhan ?

Wet urban household waste and waste from cattle and farm is Gobar Dhan.

About Gobar-Dhan (Bio-CNG) Plant

  • It has been set up at a cost of Rs 150 crore. 
  • This is the biggest Bio-CNG plant in Asia.
  • The gobardhan plant is based on the concept of waste-to-wealth innovation.
  • The plant is based on zero-landfill models, which means no rejects would be generated.
  • The Indore Gober Dhan Bio CNG plant will produce around 17,000 kg per day of CNG, and 100 tonnes per day of organic compost.

Need and Benefits Bio CNG Plant?

  • Lakhs of tonnes of garbage have occupied thousands of acres of land for decades across the country causing air and water pollution, the major reason behind the spread of diseases.
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, providing green energy; and organic compost as fertiliser.
  • It is proposed that such Gober Dhan Bio CNG plants will be established in 75 big Municipal bodies in coming two years.

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