China Becomes First Country in Asia to Launch Hydrogen Powered Train.

  • China has become the 1st country in Asia and the 2nd country in the world to launch hydrogen-powered urban trains.
  • Germany was the first country to introduce hydrogen powered trains in September 2022.
  • Chinese company CRRC Corporations Ltd has made a train which has a maximum speed of 160 KM per hour and can run up to 600 KM without refueling.
  • According to Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, India is likely to get its first indigenous hydrogen trains by December 2023.

What is Hydrogen-Powered Train?

Fuel cells have been installed in this train, which generate energy by mixing hydrogen with oxygen and in return only water and steam are emitted. This eco-friendly train can travel up to 1000 kilometers in one go and its maximum speed is 140 km/h.

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