Chinese hackers attacked Delhi AIIMS server.

  • On December 14, a big disclosure has been made regarding the cyber attack on the server of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), located in the capital Delhi.
  • An official of the Union Ministry of Family Welfare and Health said that according to the FIR, the AIIMS server was attacked from China. Hackers had hacked five out of 100 servers. However, now the data has been recovered from these five servers.
  • On 23rd November, there was a cyber attack on the server of AIIMS. This cyber attack was done from two mail IDs of Hong Kong. This information was received by the Intelligence Fusion Strategic Operations (IFSO) of the Special Cell of Delhi Police probing the case. The IP address of the email used in the attack is coming to Hong Kong. Due to this the role of China is doubtful.
  • In this case, the police denied reports that the hackers demanded Rs 200 crore in cryptocurrency as ransom to restore the system.
  • Let us inform that every year about 38 lakh patients including many veteran leaders, officers and judges get their treatment done in AIIMS. In such a situation, it has been feared that the server of AIIMS was targeted for stealing the data of these patients.
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