Data Privacy Day 2023 : 28 January

Data Protection Day, or Data Privacy Day, is observed on 28 January. It aims to create more awareness about the right to data protection and the various ways in which people can keep their data more secure. The day is now celebrated globally to raise one of the most important issues of a digitally advancing world. The main goal of this day is to educate people about the challenges and let them know about their rights to privacy.

Theme :

The theme of the day in 2023 is ‘Think Privacy First’

History :

Data Privacy Day is observed on 28 January to raise awareness about the value of online privacy, which has been declared a fundamental right of a citizen. The Council of Europe on 26 April, 2006, decided to coin a Data Protection Day and announced that it will be observed each year on 28 January, the day on which the Council of Europe’s data protection convention, known as “Convention 108,” was opened.

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