‘DIVYA KALA MELA’ to be organized from 12th to 21st March, 2023 in Bhopal.

  • Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) is organizing ‘Divya Kala Mela’ at Bhopal Haat, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh from 12 to 21 March, 2023 to showcase products and craftsmanship of Divyang entrepreneurs/artisans from across the country.
  • The event will present an interesting experience to the visitors in the form of live products from different parts of the country including Jammu & Kashmir, North Eastern States, where handicrafts, handlooms, embroidery work and packaged food etc. can be observed simultaneously.
  • Around 150 Divyang artisans/artists and entrepreneurs from around 21 States/UTs will be showcasing their products and skills.
  • Products will be presented in the following broad categories: Home Decor & Lifestyle, Clothing, Stationery & Eco-friendly Products, Packaged Food & Organic Products, Toys & Gifts, Personal Accessories – Jewellery, Clutch Bags.
  • It will be an opportunity for all to be ‘Vocal for Local’ and see/buy products made by Divyang artisans with their extra determination.
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