G20 Working Group Meeting in India Focuses on Water Management and Climate Sustainability

  1. India is currently presiding over the second Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group meeting of the G20 on 27 March 2023.
  2. The three-day meeting is being held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, with the participation of 130 delegates from G20 member countries, 11 invitee countries, and 14 international organizations.
  3. The meeting focuses on key thematic areas, such as Water Resources Management, ecosystem restoration, biodiversity enrichment, resource efficiency, circular economy, and Blue economy.
  4. G20 member countries like Italy and China have shared their best practices on water management during the meeting, with Italy sharing its expertise on Drought management and China on Groundwater management.
  5. As part of the meeting, delegates will also have the opportunity to visit the Ancient Stepwell-Adalaj Vav, Sabarmati siphon, and witness cultural performances.
  6. The meeting emphasizes the importance of water resources management in the context of climate change, highlighting the need for sustainable and climate-resilient practices.

Question : Which two G20 member countries shared their best practices on water management during the meeting?
a) Italy and China
b) India and Brazil
c) USA and Canada
d) Australia and Indonesia

Answer: a) Italy and China

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