Global Family Day 2023 : 1st January

Global Day of Families is observed on 1st January every year. The day creates a sense of unity, community and brotherhood across nations and cultures through the idea of ​​families. The day is celebrated to discourage undue negative attitudes towards other cultures, nations, which can breed hatred, encourage social isolation and lead to violence.

History :

The Global Day of Families had its origins in two books. The first was a 1996 children’s book titled One Day in Peace, January 1, 2000, written by American authors Steve Diamond and Robert Alan Silverstein. At the same time, the second book was the 1998 utopian novel ‘Tree Island : A Novel for the New Millennium’ by American peace activist and author Linda Grover. The story imagines an ideal scenario where the entire world decides to work together to make Earth a peaceful and prosperous planet. Based on the ideas of these books, in 1997, the United Nations General Assembly declared 1st January as a day of peace.

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