India will host the African Chiefs Conclave, the second Africa-India field training exercise.

  • The Indian Army is set to host the second edition of the Africa-India Field Training Exercise (AFINDEX-23) from 21 to 30 March and the African Chiefs Conclave in Pune on 28 March.
  • Army officials said that more than 22 countries are scheduled to participate in the conference, while 20 countries are expected to be part of the exercise.
  • The second edition of AFINDEX will enable the participating parties to hone their tactical skills, drills and procedures in joint operations for peacekeeping under the mandate of the United Nations.
  • The exercise will also create synergy and better understanding with the armies of African countries and give a boost to Indian defense industries.
  • The participating teams reached Pune on 17 March. The first Africa-India field training exercise was held in Pune in March 2019 which saw the participation of 20 African countries.
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