Indian Government Identifies 1275 Railway Stations for Development under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme

  • The Indian government has identified 1275 railway stations for development under the Amrit Bharat Station scheme.
  • Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw provided this information in a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha.
  • The Amrit Bharat Station scheme involves the development of railway stations on a continuous basis with a long-term approach.
  • The development will include the preparation of Master Plans and their implementation in phases.
  • The aim of the development is to improve the amenities at the stations, such as station access, waiting halls, toilets, free Wi-Fi, better passenger information systems, and executive lounges.
  • The scheme also aims to improve the building, integrate the station with both sides of the city, provide multimodal integration, amenities for Divyangjans, and create city centres at the station in the long term.

Question : What is the aim of the Amrit Bharat Station scheme?
a. To improve railway safety
b. To increase the number of trains running on the tracks
c. To develop railway stations with a long-term approach
d. To privatize the Indian railways

Ans : c. To develop railway stations with a long-term approach

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