Indian Railways achieves 100% electrification of railway network in Haryana

  • Indian Railways has achieved 100% electrification of the railway network in Haryana State.
  • Haryana’s existing Broad Gauge network of 1,701 Route kilometres is now fully electrified.
  • The electrification has resulted in cost savings, increased hauling capacity, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and energy-efficient and eco-friendly transportation.
  • New Broad Gauge networks will be sanctioned along with electrification to achieve 100% electrified network.
  • Haryana state’s railway stations include Ambala, Panipat, Gurgaon, Kurukshetra, Hisar Junction, Rewari Junction, Rohtak Junction, and Bhiwani.
  • Some prestigious trains passing through Haryana state are Kalka Shatabdi Express, Himalayan Queen, Kalka Mail, Paschim Express, Golden Temple Mail, and Kalinga Utkal Express, providing connectivity to various parts of the state and major cities in India.

Question: What is the benefit of 100% electrification of the railway network in Haryana?

A) Increased dependence on imported crude oil
B) Reduced line haul cost
C) Decreased sectional capacity
D) Increased operating and maintenance cost

Answer: B) Reduced line haul cost

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