Indian Railways increases the limit for booking tickets online through IRCTC website & app

On 6th June 2022, Indian Railways has increased the limit for online booking of tickets through IRCTC website & app.

The Ministry of Railways said, it has decided to increase the limit of booking a maximum of 6 tickets in a month to 12 tickets using a user ID that is not linked with Aadhaar. The ministry of railway has also increased the limit for booking a maximum of 12 tickets in a month to 24 using an Aadhaar linked user ID.

Maximum of 6 tickets can be booked online in a month on IRCTC website/app by a user ID which is not linked with Aadhaar & maximum 12 tickets in a month can be booked online through a single user ID on IRCTC website &app which can be the basis. One of the tickets to be linked is linked & the passenger is verifiable through Aadhaar.

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