International Sign Language Day 2022 : 23rd September

International Sign Language Day (IDSL) is celebrated every year around the world on 23rd September. The day is a unique opportunity to support and protect the linguistic identity & cultural diversity of all deaf people & other sign language users. Sign language gives people who are hard of hearing a medium to communicate.

Theme :

The theme for the 2022 is “Sign Languages Unite Us!”

Significance :

Sign languages ​​are visual languages ​​that convey your message through the use of gestures or symbols. Each country has its own sign language, for example- in the US, it is American Sign Language while in the UK it is British Sign Language. International Sign Language Day highlights the importance of preserving this medium of communication for deaf people.

History :

The choice of 23rd September commemorates the date that the WFD was established in 1951. This day marks the birth of an advocacy organisation, which has as one of its main goals, the preservation of sign languages and deaf culture as pre-requisites to the realisation of the human rights of deaf people. International Week of the Deaf was 1st observed in September 1958 and has since grown into a global movement for solidarity of the deaf unity and concerted advocacy and to raise awareness of the issues deaf people face in their everyday lives.