Largest Space Telescope James Webb

Largest and most Powerful space telescope named James Webb has been launched on 25th December 2021 from the French Guiana.


  • James Webb is largest and most powerful space telescope.
  • NASA, European and Canadian space agencies jointly build and launched this space telescope.
  • It has been launched on December 25 (Christmas Day) 2021 from French Guiana Space Center. The Guiana Space Centre also called Europe’s Spaceport, is a French and European spaceport  in French Guiana, a region of France in South America. Operational since 1968, it is particularly suitable as a location for a spaceport.
  • European Ariane rocket was used to launch.
  • The space telescope will be located 1.6 million kilometers away from the earth.
  • James Webb Telescope use the infrared imaging to scanning the objects.

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