Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO-India) Project, in Hingoli, Maharashtra.

The Union Cabinet has recently approved the construction of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO-India), a 2,600 crore rupee project in the Hingoli district of Maharashtra.

The LIGO-India project will help in pinpointing the sources of gravitational waves and is expected to begin observations by the end of the decade. The localisation of the source in the sky is essential for pointing electromagnetic telescopes to the corresponding patch of the sky and finding possible electromagnetic signatures.

The method of triangulation is used to determine the position of a fixed point from the angles to it from two fixed points of a known distance apart, using trigonometry. The inclusion of LIGO-India will create two more baselines with distances over 10,000 kms each, which will improve sky localisation by many folds. LIGO-India, which makes use of the same technology as the US detectors, is capable of being as sensitive as the LIGO detectors of the US at the time of operating.

Question : What is LIGO-India?
a) A project to detect gravitational waves in space
b) A project to construct a space telescope
c) A project to launch a satellite to study black holes
d) A project to measure sea depth

Ans : a) A project to detect gravitational waves in space

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