Minimum Support Prices for Rabi Crops for Marketing Season 2024-25 has been increased

Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for six Rabi Crops for Marketing Season 2024-25. Cabinet meeting held on October 18, 2023, approved MSP increases are as follows:

  1. The highest increase of 425 rupees per quintal for lentil (masur).
  2. An increase of 200 rupees per quintal each for rapeseed and mustard.
  3. An increase of 150 rupees per quintal each for wheat and safflower.
  4. An increase of 115 rupees per quintal for barley.
  5. An increase of 105 rupees per quintal for gram.
  6. These MSP increases for Rabi Crops align with the Union Budget 2018-19, which aimed to set MSP at a level of at least 1.5 times the production cost.

Minimum Support Prices for all Rabi crops for Marketing Season 2024-25 (Rs.per quintal)

S.NoCropsMSP RMS 2023-24MSP RMS 2024-25Increase in MSP (Absolute)
5Rapeseed& Mustard54505650200


Q.: Which Rabi Crop received an increase of 200 rupees per quintal in its MSP for the 2024-25 season?

A. Wheat
B. Rapeseed
C. Mustard
D. Safflower

Answer: B. Rapeseed

Q.: How much increase in MSP per quintal was approved for wheat for the Rabi Crops in 2024-25?

A. 150 rupees
B. 105 rupees
C. 200 rupees
D. 115 rupees

Answer: A. 150 rupees

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