MP government has changed the name of Bhopal’s Islam Nagar village to ‘Jagdishpur’.

  • Madhya Pradesh government announced that Islam Nagar village located in Bhopal district has been renamed as Jagdishpur. The notification informing the change of name also states that the central government has not objected to the decision.
  • Islam Nagar village is situated at a distance of about 12 km from Bhopal and is famous for forts.
  • According to some accounts, 308 years ago the name of Islam Nagar used to be Jagdishpur.
  • One account states that in 1719, Islam Nagar became the capital of the Bhopal region after ruler Dost Mohammad Khan took control of the region. In 1715, the name of Jagdishpur was changed to Islam Nagar.
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