National Milk Day 2022 : 26th November

National Milk Day is celebrated every year on 26 November to highlight the importance and benefits of milk. Milk Day is a special day celebrated to spread awareness among people about the importance and necessity of milk. India is the largest producer of milk. Milk is such a food item that not only humans but animals also drink. World Milk Day is also celebrated every year on 1st June, which was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization.

History :

The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), the Indian Dairy Federation (IDA), and 22 state-level milk federations together in 2014 decided to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Verghese Kurien, known as the father of India’s White Revolution, on 26 November. Therefore, the first National Milk Day was celebrated on 26 November 2014.

About Dr. Verghese Kurien

Verghese Kurien is known as the “Father of the White Revolution” in India. He was a social entrepreneur whose vision of the “Billion-Litre Idea”, Operation flood, made dairy farming India’s largest self-sustaining industry and the largest rural employment sector providing a third of all rural income. This made India the largest producer of milk in the world.

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