Two sites associated with Babasaheb to be declared as monuments of national importance

  • National Monuments Authority has recommended two sites associated with Babasaheb Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution of India, to be declared as monuments of national importance.
  • The Culture Ministry said, Sankalp Bhoomi Banyan Tree Complex in Vadodara, where Dr. Ambedkar took a pledge to eradicate untouchability on 23rd September 1917, should be declared a monument of national importance.
  • This place is more than a hundred years old and witnesses the beginning of the social respect revolution started by Dr. Ambedkar.
  • National Monuments Authority has also recommended a place in Satara, Maharashtra where Dr. Ambedkar received his primary education at Pratap Rao Bhosale High School to be declared as a monument of national importance.
    The school’s register still proudly bears the signature of a child’s student Bhim Rao in Marathi.

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