National Solidarity Day 2022 : 20th October.

India celebrates National Solidarity Day every year on 20 October. This day is celebrated in honor of the Armed Forces. After the military attack caused by China, India started celebrating National Solidarity Day on 20 October – the date on which China launched the strikes in 1962.

History :

In 1966, India was ruled by Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister and a committee was formed at that time. To honor the soldiers who fought in the war and the families of the soldiers who laid down their lives in the line of duty, 20 October was designated as “National Solidarity Day” by this committee, which also consisted of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. National Solidarity Day 2022 commemorates the 1962 war between China and India. India was defeated by China in this war. Many warriors of the country were also martyred in this war, the consequences of which were disastrous for both India and China, especially India.

Significance :

It is a day that is of extraordinary importance to all of us. This was the day when our northern neighbours, who were our friends, made a sudden attack on our territory which continued for almost a month and ended after the declaration of ceasefire by China on 21 November 1962.

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