One Web India – 2 mission : ISRO launches LVM 3 -M3 rocket with 36 satellites

India’s LVM 3 -M3 rocket with 36 satellites of the One Web India – 2 mission was launched successfully on 26 March 2023 from Sriharikota.

  • The first 16 satellites of the One Web India – 2 series were placed at the right orbit as planned, and the remaining 20 satellites will also be positioned soon.
  • The Chairman of ISRO, Somnath, said that it was a successful mission with no glitches and that cryogenic engines used in these missions will be used in Gaganyaan mission as well.
  • The data is being tracked by ground stations at Thiruvananthapuram, Lucknow, and Bangalore stations, and also at the ship station in Antarctica.
  • ISRO will have another commercial launch in April.
  • The Chairman and Managing Director of the NSIL, Radhakrishnan, said that the use of the cryogenic Mark 3 engine has proved successful.
  • The Mission Director, Mohanakumar, said that it was one of the heaviest payloads, and the nine sequential events were successful to the dot.
  • The One Web India – 2 mission was a 72-day campaign.
  • The satellite assembling was done in the newly built second building with the best standards of safety.

Question : What is the name of the launch vehicle used for the One Web India-2 mission that was launched on 26 March 2023?

A) LVM3-M3

Answer: A) LVM3-M3

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