Prime Minister launched E20 fuel in bengaluru.

  • Prime Minister inaugurated India Energy Week (IEW) 2023 in Bengaluru, Karnataka, on 6th Feb 2023. As part of the event, he also Launched E20 Fuel.
  • In line with the Ethanol Blending Roadmap, the Prime Minister launched E20 fuel at 84 retail outlets of Oil Marketing Companies in 11 States/UTs.
  • E20 is a blend of 20% ethanol with petrol. The government aims to achieve full 20% blending of ethanol by 2025.
  • HPCL and other oil marketing companies are setting up 2G-3G ethanol plants, which will facilitate its progress.

What is E-20?

E-20 or Ethanol 20 is a type of refined and mixed fuel. It contains 20% ethanol, and 80 percent petrol. The higher this number, the higher the amount of ethanol in the petrol. That till now Ethanol 10 is being used in India, in which up to 10% ethanol is being mixed in the fuel.

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