Russia Attack on Ukraine on 24 February 2022

Russia has launched a special military operation in the Donbass, the eastern region of Ukraine. Russian forces have entered Ukraine via Crimea. Ballistic missiles were also fired on several cities of Ukraine. Huge explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and Kharkiv and in other regions of the country. There were also reports of shootings near the airport in the capital Kiev.

In a televised message, President Vladimir Putin urged Ukrainian soldiers fighting the Russian-backed rebels to surrender and return to their homes. Mr. Putin said it was not Russia’s intention to annex Ukraine. Putin warned other countries that if anyone interfered with Russia’s actions, he would retaliate against them. Ukraine has said that Putin has attacked Ukraine with full capacity.

Terming the attacks on the cities as war, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitro Koleba has said that Ukraine will retaliate in its defense and will be successful in its attempt. Ukrainian President Blodimir Zelensky has said that Russia has deployed nearly two million troops and combat vehicles along the Ukrainian border.

US President Joe Biden has strongly condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine, saying that America and its coalition countries will respond together. Mr. Biden said that the world community will stop this move of Russia. He blamed President Putin for this. Biden said that President Putin has chosen a path of war in a systematic manner, which will cause great loss of human life and increase the suffering of people.

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