The 2023 edition of TROPEX, the largest exercise of the Indian Navy is currently underway in the Indian Ocean region.

  • The 2023 edition of the Indian Navy’s flagship maritime exercise TROPEX is currently underway in the Indian Ocean region.
  • TROPEX 23 is being held over a period of three months from January 2023 to 23rd March 2023.
  • As part of the exercise, all surface-based forces of the Indian Navy including destroyers, warships, corvettes as well as submarines and aircraft, to validate and refine the Navy’s concept of operations including operational logistics and interoperability with other services Combat units undergo complex maritime operational deployments.
  • This operational level exercise is conducted biennially and sees participation from not only all units of the Indian Navy but also assets from the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Coast Guard.
  • The exercise is being conducted both in harbor and at sea in various phases covering various aspects of combat operations including live firing of weapons.
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