The 29th edition of CABSAT was held at the Dubai World Trade Center.

  • CABSAT 2023, the leading exhibition for content creation, production, distribution, digital media, satellite communications and space technology, which opened on 16th May at the Dubai World Trade Centre, attracted industry leaders with a significant Indian presence.
  • The 29th edition of CABSAT featured six Indian companies as exhibitors, including Tata Elxsi, which showcased its cutting-edge OTT engineering and service delivery products.
  • The event provided a platform for professionals from around the world to network, collaborate and explore advancement opportunities in the broadcast, satellite, content creation, production, distribution, digital media and entertainment industries.
  • With its dynamic conference sessions, live technology demos and showcase of global innovation, CABSAT cemented its position as the largest gathering of the region’s creative, broadcast and satellite communities.
  • CABSAT highlighted the future of Middle East broadcasting, technology, satellite communications and the thriving media and entertainment sector, which is expected to experience significant growth at a compound annual growth rate of 12.9% from 2021 to 2027.
  • The program addressed significant challenges in content. monetization, competition, infrastructure, and more, while innovative content creators, producers, broadcast technology providers, and satellite delivery experts showcase.

Qns : Where was CABSAT 2023 conducted?

(A) America
(B) Bangladesh
(C) Australia
(D) Dubai

Ans : (D) Dubai

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