The Government amends Flag Code of India to allow hoisting of the tricolor day & night

  • The government has amended the Flag Code of India so that the tricolor can be displayed in the open and in individual houses or buildings during the day & night. The provision previously allowed the flag, when displayed in the open, to be flown as far as possible from sunrise to sunset.
  • Members of the public, a private organization or an educational institution are permitted to hoist the flag, ceremonial or otherwise, on all days and occasions in keeping with the dignity and respect of the national flag.
  • This step has been taken before the 75th anniversary of Indian independence.
  • The Flag Code of India was 1st amended on 30th December, 2021 to allow the use of polyester for making hand-spun, hand-woven and machine-made flags, apart from cotton, wool, silk and khadi.

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