World Consumer Rights Day 2023 : 15th March

World Consumer Rights Day is observed every year on 15 March with the goal of promoting consumer protection and increasing global knowledge of consumer rights. The day is also used to raise awareness of the inequalities of the global market. Annual celebration of collaboration between the global consumer movement. On this day, consumers everywhere promote their fundamental rights, call for their protection and observance and condemn unfair trade practices.

Theme :

The Theme of the Day in 2023 is “Empowering consumers through clean energy transitions”.

History :

The day was originally celebrated on March 15, 1983, and was inspired by US President John F Kennedy’s speech to the US Congress on the same day in 1962. He spoke on the subject of consumer rights, emphasizing how important it was, and made history by becoming the first head of state to do so. Every year on this day, several organizations including Consumer International celebrate the occasion by hosting activities and launching campaigns to protect consumer rights.

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