World NGO Day 2023 : 27th February

World NGO Day is an annual international event observed on 27 February to recognize the contributions of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It provides an opportunity to advocate for policies that support their efforts. World NGO Day aims to create awareness about this sector and encourage people across the world who work in this sector for a good cause.

History :

The Baltic Sea NGO Forum of the Council of Baltic Sea States officially recognized the day on 27 April 2010. This program was accepted by the forum in 2012. In 2014, 27 February was declared as World NGO Day and it became a landmark day for the NGO community across the world. An international calendar day, now known as ‘World NGO Day’, was inaugurated for the first time on this day.

What is Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)?

NGOs are non-profit organizations that are independent of government and work towards a specific social, environmental or cultural goal. They can range from small, local organizations to large, international organizations, and they can focus on a wide range of issues, including human rights, education, health, environmental protection, and disaster relief.

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