World Rose Day 2022 : 22nd September

World Rose Day is celebrated every year on 22nd September for the welfare of cancer patients around the world. The day aims to encourage and support those who are fighting their battle against cancer. The day aims to bring joy and hope to the lives of such patients and remind them that they can emerge victorious in their battle against cancer through determination and positivity.

Every year on 22nd September this day is celebrated for the welfare of cancer patients. Also this day is dedicated to raise awareness about cancer. Cancer treatment has a very profound effect on the body, due to which the patient gradually becomes mentally weak and affects the patients psychologically.

History :

World Rose Day was first celebrated in honor of 12-year-old Canadian cancer patient Melinda Rose, who died in 1996. Rose was diagnosed with Askin tumor in 1994, a rare form of blood cancer .After Rose’s diagnosis, the doctor said she could only live for 2 more weeks. After which Rose did not give up hope of defeating cancer and inspired the lives of many. He made every day of his remaining life meaningful by spreading hope and positivity to the lives of cancer patients. After which due to this positive thinking, she lived for 6 months instead of 2 weeks.

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