World Sparrow Day was celebrated in the National Zoological Park.

National Zoological Park, New Delhi (Delhi Zoo) celebrated World Sparrow Day on 20 March. This day is celebrated to increase public knowledge about sparrow’s declining population and the need for its conservation. This occasion offers people a chance to unite and take action to protect and conserve sparrows.

The National Zoological Park celebrated the event by organizing activities like making of bird feeders, presentation of a film describing the importance of sparrows and a visit to the zoo. 50 students of Voluntary Organization named Butterfly participated in this program with full enthusiasm. The participants prepared a feeder for the birds using bamboo. The visit to the zoo was organized with the aim of instilling in the youth a sense of wonder and appreciation for nature. All the students who participated in the program were given participation certificates.

Theme :

The theme of the day in 2023 World Sparrow Day is, “I Love the Sparrow”, emphasizes the role of individuals and communities in conserving the sparrow.

History of the Day :

The first World Sparrow Day was organized on 2010 and is celebrated annually since then. Mohammad Dilawar founded The Nature Forever Society to raise awareness about sparrows.

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