World Standards Day 2022 : 14th October

World Standards Day is observed every year on 14th October to raise awareness about the importance of using standardized measurements, technologies and industries. The day, also known as International Standards Day, seeks to educate consumers, policy makers and businesses about the value of standardisation. The day is also used to celebrate the achievements of scientists in developing voluntary universal standards that can be used for various measurements.

Theme :

The theme for the day in

2022 is ‘Shared Vision for a Better World.’

History :

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was established in 1947 with 67 technical committees. The first World Standards Day, however, was formally inaugurated in 1970 by the then president of ISO, Farooq Santer. The date of 14th October was chosen to commemorate the first meeting of representatives of 25 countries in London on 14th October 1946, who decided to design a global organization to facilitate standardization. He created ISO a year later.

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