World Thrift Day 2022 : 31st October

World Thrift Day is celebrated every year on 31st October, across the world. World Thrift Day, also often called World Savings Day. However, India does this a day earlier, marking it on 30th October every year. The day is significant as it is an occasion to create awareness about the concept of saving money in the bank (so as to enrich the money supply in the country) instead of keeping it locked at home.

Theme :

The theme of World Thrift Day in 2022 is “Saving prepares you for the future”.

History :

World Savings Day was started on 31 October 1924 by the World Society of Savings Bank. The day was initiated by an Italian professor Filippo Ravizza. He called the day “International Savings Day”. Mr. Raviza’s aim in declaring this day was to create awareness among family groups to save their future, their children, medical emergencies and unforeseen situations.However, some countries have a history of celebrating Savings Day in their countries long before World Savings Day came into existence. Like Spain has been celebrating this day since 1921 and Germany started it a few years later in 1923.

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