Minister Giriraj Singh Launches ‘Sangathan Se Samriddhi’ Campaign to Empower Rural Women through Self Help Groups

  1. Rural Development Minister Giriraj Singh launched ‘Sangathan Se Samriddhi’ campaign.
  2. The campaign aims to bring all eligible rural women into the fold of Self Help Groups (SHGs).
  3. The government targets to bring 10 crore women under the purview of SHGs from the existing nine crore.
  4. The number of SHG members, which was just 2.35 crore in May 2014, has now crossed nine crore.
  5. The government has set a target that every woman associated with SHGs should be able to earn one lakh rupees per annum.
  6. The Minister urged women to produce millets.

Question: What is the name of the campaign launched by Rural Development Minister Giriraj Singh?
a) Samriddhi Se Sangathan
b) Sangathan Se Samriddhi
c) Sahyog Se Samarthan
d) Samman Se Samadhan
Answer: b) Sangathan Se Samriddhi

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