54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) from November 20th to 28th in Goa

The 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) has invited renowned filmmakers, cinematographers, and film producers from around the world to serve as the International Jury for judging the ‘International Competition’ and ‘Best Debut Feature Film of a Director’ at the festival.

  1. A record-breaking 2,926 entries were received from 105 countries for the festival.
  2. The International Jury members include Chairman Shekhar Kapur, Cinematographer José Luis Alcaine, and Film Producers Jerome Paillard, Catherine Dussart, and Helen Leake.
  3. The International Competition features 15 acclaimed feature films that represent emerging trends in the aesthetics and politics of cinema, encompassing both experienced filmmakers and emerging talents.
  4. The International Jury will select the winner of the Best Film Award, which includes the ‘Golden Peacock’ and Certificates for the Director and Producer.
  5. Other categories to be determined by the Jury include Best Director, Best Actor (Male), Best Actor (Female), and Special Jury Prize.
  6. The International Film Festival of India is scheduled to take place from November 20th to 28th in Goa and will bring together international and national film industry talents and cinephiles for a celebration of world cinema in South Asia.

Q.: Who is the Chairman of the International Jury for the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI)?

A) José Luis Alcaine
B) Jerome Paillard
C) Shekhar Kapur
D) Helen Leake

C) Shekhar Kapur

Q.: What is the ‘Golden Peacock’ at IFFI awarded for?

A) Best Director
B) Best Cinematographer
C) Best Film
D) Best Actor (Male)

Ans : C) Best Film

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