Eco-Friendly ‘Bahu Balli’ Bamboo Barriers to replace Steel barriers on Highways

The government plans to replace steel barriers on highways with special ‘Bahu Balli’ barriers made of Bamboo. Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari revealed that a pilot project using bamboo barriers has already started in Chhattisgarh and will soon be implemented in other states.

  1. The decision to use bamboo barriers is driven by their eco-friendliness and the potential to boost the bamboo industry and create employment opportunities in the north-eastern regions and tribal areas.
  2. These bamboo barriers will also be utilized in access control areas on highways to prevent the entry of pedestrians, animals, and vehicles onto the Expressway.
  3. The current standards for Expressways and green-field access controlled National Highways involve the use of mild steel sections and welded steel wire mesh for fencing. However, guidelines issued by the Ministry propose the adoption of precast concrete boundary walls in these areas.
  4. A proposal has been received and an order placed for the feasibility and demonstration of the ‘Bahu Balli Fences,’ made of bamboo, as an alternative to the traditional barriers.

Question: What material will be used to replace steel barriers on highways according to the government’s plan?

A) Concrete
B) Wood
C) Bamboo
D) Plastic

Answer: C) Bamboo

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