Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to Resign and Hand Over Power to Eldest Son, Hun Manet

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen, one of the world’s longest-serving leaders, has announced his resignation and will hand over power to his son Hun Manet on 10 August 2023.

  1. The announcement came shortly after his party won all seats in an uncompetitive election held three days prior.
  2. Hun Sen, aged 70, has ruled Cambodia for nearly four decades and has been criticized for increasing authoritarianism during his tenure.
  3. His son, Hun Manet, who recently served as the commander of the Royal Cambodian Army, has been groomed for the role of Prime Minister and will be appointed to the position on 10th August.
  4. Hun Sen cited the possibility of instability as the reason for stepping down as Prime Minister, but he will retain leadership of the ruling Cambodian People’s Party, which political analysts believe will continue to grant him ultimate control.
  5. State media showed Hun Sen visiting the Cambodian monarch’s palace to announce the news of the dynastic succession.

Question: Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced his resignation and will hand over power to whom in early August?

A) His brother, Fue Nasa
B) His eldest son, Hun Manet
C) The Cambodian monarch, Den Bona
D) The leader of the opposition party, Homi Tana

Answer: B) His eldest son, Hun Manet

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