India makes significant progress towards Malaria elimination on World Malaria Day 2023

  1. World Malaria Day is observed on 25th April to recognize global efforts to control malaria.
  2. The theme for World Malaria Day 2023 is “Time to deliver zero malaria: invest, innovate, implement.”
  3. Malaria is preventable and curable, but it requires continued investment and sustained political commitment for prevention and control.
  4. India has witnessed a significant decline in malaria cases and deaths from 2015 to 2022.
  5. India is making rapid progress towards eliminating malaria by 2030.
  6. The Indian government’s health initiatives, including Ayushman Bharat, are contributing immensely towards strengthening India’s fight against malaria.
  7. India is committed to sharing its resources, knowledge, and learnings with other countries to eliminate malaria.
  8. NITI Aayog member V K Paul stressed on the need for a whole of government approach to tackle the disease.

Question: When is World Malaria Day observed?
a) 25th December
b) 25th November
c) 25th April
d) 25th June
Answer: c) 25th April

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