Santiago Peña of Paraguay’s ruling conservative Colorado party won the presidential election.

  • Santiago Peña, an economist and member of Paraguay’s ruling conservative Colorado Party, has won the country’s presidential election.
  • Peña received over 42% of the vote, while his main challenger, Efraín Alegre of the centre-left Concertación Nacional coalition, received nearly 28%.
  • The election was decided in a single round of voting.
  • The Colorado Party has been the dominant political force in Paraguay for over 70 years.
  • Addressing his supporters, 44-year-old Peña called for nationwide unity and consensus.
  • Paraguay’s economy is expected to grow by over 4% this year, but the country still faces significant challenges related to poverty and corruption.

Qns : Who won the presidential election in Paraguay in 2023?

(A) Efraín Alegre
(B) Santiago Peña
(C) Justin Trudeau.
(D) Richard Wagner

Answer : (B) Santiago Peña

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