Bihar government released the findings of its Caste-based Survey

The Bihar government has released the findings of its Caste-based Survey, which was conducted in two phases this year.

  1. The survey report, spanning 101 pages, reveals that the population of Bihar is over 13 crore.
  2. The largest caste group in the state is the Extremely Backward Caste (EBCs), making up 36.01 percent of the state’s population, which is approximately 4.70 crore people.
  3. The Backward Caste (BC) population in Bihar is 27.12 percent, totaling around 3.54 crore individuals.
  4. The Yadavs are identified as the largest group in the state, comprising 14.26 percent of the population.
  5. Scheduled Castes (SC) constitute 19.65 percent of the state’s population, with a population of approximately 2.56 crore.
  6. The general category population accounts for 15.52 percent of the population, totaling 2.02 crore.
  7. The tribal population in Bihar is the smallest, representing 1.68 percent of the state’s population.
  8. The state government has also released data on religion-based population, with Hinduism being the major religion, making up around 82 percent of the state’s demography, equivalent to about 10.72 crore people.
  9. The Muslim population accounts for 17.7 percent, approximately 2.31 crore, and other religions like Christianity and Sikhism are also present in the state.

Q: What is the largest caste group in Bihar according to the Caste-based Survey findings?

a) Scheduled Caste (SC)
b) Backward Caste (BC)
c) Extremely Backward Caste (EBCs)
d) General Caste

Ans : c) Extremely Backward Caste (EBCs)

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