Cauvery Water Dispute: Unresolved issue and Ongoing Tensions

The Cauvery water dispute is an inter-state water dispute between Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Puducherry over the sharing of the Cauvery river’s water and its tributaries. The dispute originated in 1892 between the Madras Presidency (under the British Raj) and the Princely state of Mysore (now Karnataka) when they had to divide the river water. Despite various agreements, tribunals, and court orders to resolve the issue, no satisfactory resolution has been reached for all parties involved.

This dispute has led to protests, violence, and political tensions in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing for September 21 to address Tamil Nadu’s plea for Cauvery water release from Karnataka’s dams. Karnataka has expressed its inability to provide more water to Tamil Nadu after September 12, leading to protests by farmers and pro-Kannada organizations in both states.

Q.: Which Indian states are involved in the Cauvery water dispute?

a) Tamil Nadu and Kerala
b) Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
c) Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Puducherry
d) Maharashtra and Gujarat

Ans : c) Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Puducherry

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