Daily Current Affairs MCQ : 02 November 2023

Daily Current Affairs : 02 November 2023, MCQ questions with detail explanation and extra fact for the preparation of competitive exams.

Daily MCQs : 02 November 2023

Q.: Which city in India is added to UNESCO creative cities list for its contributions in the field of literature?
A) Gwalior
B) Mumbai
C) Kozhikode
D) Kolkata

Ans : C) Kozhikode
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Q.: For what reason is Gwalior recognized by UNESCO and included in the prestigious Creative Cities list?
A) Literature
B) Film
C) Music
D) Gastronomy

Ans : C) Music
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Q.: Where was the “AI Safety Summit 2023,” the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit, held in November 2023?
A) New Delhi, India
B) Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
C) London, United Kingdom
D) Silicon Valley, USA

Ans : B) Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
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Q.: Indian Railways announced the operation of a special Bharat Gaurav train tour to which part of the country?
A) Western States
B) Northern States
C) Southern States
D) North Eastern States

Ans : D) North Eastern States
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