Peru Declares State of Emergency around Ubinas Volcano; Part of the “Ring of Fire”

Peru has declared a state of emergency for sixty days in areas surrounding the Ubinas volcano. The volcano has been emitting ash and gas since earlier in the week, as reported by the Geophysical Institute of Peru.

The smoke cloud from the volcano has reached towns located 10 kilometers away from the volcano. Approximately 2,000 people reside in the affected areas. The region where Ubinas is located, Moquegua, is 1,200 kilometers southeast of the capital city Lima.

Ubinas is the most active volcano in Peru and is situated in a region known for volcanic activity and earthquakes, called the “Ring of Fire” along the edges of the Pacific Ocean.

What is “Ring of Fire”

The “Ring of Fire” is a horseshoe-shaped area around the Pacific Ocean known for frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. It stretches for approximately 40,000 kilometers and includes countries such as Chile, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the western coast of the United States. The region experiences a high concentration of earthquakes and is home to many active volcanoes. It poses risks to the populations living in these areas, including the potential for tsunamis.

Q.: The “Ring of Fire” is known for:
a) High precipitation levels
b) Frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity
c) Rich biodiversity
d) Historical cultural sites

Answer: b) Frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity

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