Government implemented GRAP-IV restrictions, Delhi-NCR faces additional curbs as air quality worsens

The government implemented Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) -IV restrictions, which represent the final stage of the air pollution control plan, with immediate effect on November 5, 2023.

  1. Delhi-NCR is facing worsening air quality, leading to additional curbs being imposed by the central government.
  2. The restrictions include a ban on several vehicle categories, a requirement for 50% of employees to work from home, and the possibility of school closures.
  3. The Central Pollution Control Board reported that Delhi’s average air quality index reached 463, categorizing it as ‘severe.’
  4. Key restrictions under GRAP-IV include limiting truck traffic entry into Delhi, allowing only certain types of vehicles to enter Delhi, banning certain types of diesel vehicles in the city, and suspending certain construction and development activities.
  5. Decisions regarding the discontinuation of physical classes for certain school levels, work arrangements in public and private offices, and emergency measures are to be made by relevant state and central authorities.

Q.: What does GRAP-IV stand for in the context of air quality control?

a. Greenhouse Reduction Action Plan – Level IV
b. Government Restrictions on Air Pollution – Phase IV
c. Graded Response Action Plan – Stage IV
d. Greater Restriction on Airborne Particles – Version 4

Ans : c. Graded Response Action Plan – Stage IV

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