MATSYA6000: India’s Advanced Manned Submersible for Deep Sea Mining and Exploration

MATSYA6000 Submersible: The country has developed a manned scientific submersible called MATSYA6000.

Capacity and Depth: MATSYA6000 is capable of carrying three humans for 12 hours and can operate at depths of up to 60,000 meters in the ocean.

Applications: The submersible is designed for activities such as deep sea mining and manned submersible operations.

Integrated Mining Machine: An integrated mining machine has been created for exploratory mining of poly-metallic nodules found on the sea bed.

Locomotion Trial: A successful locomotion trial of the integrated mining machine took place at the Central India Ocean.

Deep Ocean Mission: The Union Minister of Earth Sciences, Kiren Rijiju, mentioned that the Deep Ocean Mission has led to significant technological advancements in deep sea mining development.

Q.: What is the primary purpose of the MATSYA6000 submersible developed by the country?

a) Underwater photography
b) Deep sea tourism
c) Deep sea mining and exploration
d) Marine life observation

Ans : c) Deep sea mining and exploration

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