Air India Express Crew Members go on mass ‘Sick Leave’

Air India Express experienced a major disruption with over 70 flights cancelled or delayed due mass sick leave of senior crew members.

  1. Flight cancellations and delays began on 7 May night and continued into 8 May morning, leading to grounded flights on both domestic and international routes.
  2. Some senior crew members reportedly switched off their mobile phones just before flight operations, citing health issues, leaving no alternative staff available.
  3. Civil Aviation authorities are investigating the issue while Air India Express issued an apology to affected passengers.
  4. Passengers affected by cancellations are offered full refunds or complimentary rescheduling to another date.
  5. The incident underscores operational challenges faced by the airline industry, following a similar situation with Vistara on April 1, where over 100 flights were impacted due to pilots calling in sick.

Q: The senior crew member of which airline go on mass sick leave suddenly on 7 & 8 May 2024, causing disruption of more than 70 flights?

a) Indigo b) Vistara c) Air India Express d) Emirates

Ans : c) Air India Express

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