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Polling for Rajasthan Assembly Election on November 25, 2023.

Polling for 199 out of 200 seats in Rajasthan Assembly Election is scheduled from 7 am to 6 pm on November 25, 2023.

  • The election in Sriganganagar’s Karanpur seat has been suspended due to the death of Congress candidate and incumbent MLA Gurmeet Singh Koonar.
  • A total of 1,862 candidates are contesting in the elections.
  • The overall number of voters is 5.25 crore.
  • Among the voters, 1.71 crore fall in the 18 to 30 age group.
  • There are 22.61 lakh new voters in the 18-19 age group.

Q.: What is the total number of voters in Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023?

  • a. 4.75 crore
  • b. 5 crore
  • c. 5.25 crore
  • d. 5.5 crore

Ans : c. 5.25 crore

Ceasefire between Israeli and Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip : Swap Hostages

Release of Hostages:

  • 24 hostages, including 13 Israelis, 10 Thai nationals, and a Filipino, were released by Hamas.
  • The release occurred at the Kerem Shalom crossing bordering Israel and Gaza on November 24, 2023.
  • It was part of the first stage of a prisoner swap under a four-day ceasefire deal.
  • Israeli hostages, including women and children, underwent medical examinations before transfer.

Ceasefire and Aid:

  • A temporary ceasefire is in place between Israeli and Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip.
  • The ceasefire is initially for four or five days, with a possibility of extension.
  • The United Nations reported the entry of the largest aid convoy since the start of the war into Gaza.
  • The convoy is providing food, water, and medical supplies to hundreds of thousands of people.

Q.: Where did the release of hostages take place during Ceasefire between Israeli and Hamas forces in November 2023?

a. Tel Aviv
b. Kerem Shalom crossing
c. Gaza City
d. West Bank

Ans : b. Kerem Shalom crossing

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women : 25 November

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is observed on November 25th annually.

  • The day aims to raise awareness about the global prevalence of violence against women and girls and promote its eradication.
  • The theme for this year’s campaign is “No Excuse.”
  • Violence against women is a significant human rights violation, impacting millions worldwide.
  • According to the United Nations, nearly one in three women has experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence.

Q.: When is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women observed?

a. December 10th
b. November 25th
c. October 15th
d. March 8th

Ans : b. November 25th

PM Modi participates in Sant Mirabai Janmotsav at Mathura

Prime Minister Narendra Modi participates in Sant Mirabai Janmotsav at Mathura on November 23, 2023.

  • Meera Bai is a renowned Hindu mystic poetess from the 16th century, known for her deep devotion to Lord Krishna.
  • Born into a royal family in Kudki (now Pali district, Rajasthan) in 1498 CE, Meera Bai is the only child of Veer Kumari and Ratan Singh.
  • She spent her childhood in Merta city, Nagpur district, Rajasthan, with the childhood name Yashodha.
  • Meera Bai’s devotion, poetry, and love for Lord Krishna are central to her identity and legacy.


Where was Meera Bai born?
a. Merta City
b. Kudki
c. Nagpur

Ans : b. Kudki

In which century did Meera Bai live?
a. 14th
b. 15th
c. 16th
d. 17th

Ans : c. 16th

What was Meera Bai’s childhood name?
a. Yashodha
b. Radha
c. Meera
d. Krishna

Ans : a. Yashodha

Justice Fathima Beevi, first female Judge of Supreme Court of India, passes away at age of 96

Justice M. Fathima Beevi, the first female Judge appointed to the Supreme Court of India, passed away on 23 November 2023 at the age of 96 in Kollam, Kerala.

  1. Starting as an advocate in Kerala, she progressed to become a district and sessions judge in 1974, later joining the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal in 1980.
  2. In 1983, she was appointed as a High Court judge, and in 1989, she made history by becoming the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court of India.
  3. During her tenure as a Supreme Court judge, she achieved the distinction of being the first Muslim woman in the higher judiciary and the first woman to become a Supreme Court Justice in an Asian country.
  4. Following her retirement in 1993, Justice Beevi served as a member of the National Human Rights Commission and later as the Governor of Tamil Nadu.

Q.: Who was the first female Judge appointed to the Supreme Court of India ?

a) Sarojini Naidu
b) Arundhati Roy
c) M. Fathima Beevi
d) Kiran Bedi

c) M. Fathima Beevi

World’s Largest Single-Site Solar Power Plant in Abu Dhabi inaugurated

The United Arab Emirates inaugurated the world’s largest single-site solar power plant, the 2-gigawatt Al Dhafra Solar Photovoltaic Independent Power Project (IPP), located 35 kilometers from Abu Dhabi.

  1. The solar plant will generate enough electricity to power almost 200,000 homes and is expected to displace 2.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually.
  2. The inauguration comes ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), and Sheikh Hazza highlighted the UAE’s commitment to clean energy, reducing carbon emissions, and supporting global climate action.
  3. United Arab Emirates will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) from November 30th to December 12 2023.

Q.: When is the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) scheduled to be hosted by the United Arab Emirates?

a. October 15-25, 2023
b. November 30-December 12, 2023
c. January 5-15, 2024
d. February 20-March 2, 2024

Ans : b. November 30-December 12, 2023

Q.: Where is world’s largest single-site solar power plant located ?

a. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
b. Beijing, China
c. California, United States
d. London, United Kingdom

Ans : a. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Sam Altman returns as the Chief Executive of OpenAI

  1. Sam Altman has been reinstated as the chief executive of OpenAI on November 22.
  2. Altman was initially sacked by the organization’s board of directors, but an “agreement in principle” was reached for his return.
  3. As part of the deal, OpenAI’s board of directors will be overhauled, with all members involved in Altman’s ouster being removed, except Adam D’Angelo, CEO of Quora.
  4. The situation created chaos in the tech world for almost a week.

Q.: Who was recently reinstated as the chief executive of OpenAI?

  • a) Elon Musk
  • b) Sam Altman
  • c) Adam D’Angelo
  • d) Mark Zuckerberg

Ans : b) Sam Altman

Joint Military Exercise AUSTRAHIND-23 in Perth, Australia till 6th December 2023

On November 22, 2023, an Indian Armed Forces contingent of 81 personnel departed for Australia to participate in the second edition of Joint Military Exercise AUSTRAHIND-23.

  1. The exercise will take place in Perth, Australia, and is scheduled to continue until the 6th December 2023.
  2. The Indian Army contingent is comprised of 60 personnel from a Battalion of the GORKHA Rifles, while the Australian Army contingent consists of 60 personnel from the 13th Brigade.
  3. In addition to the Army, personnel from the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force will also participate, along with 20 personnel each from the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force on the Australian side.
  4. The main objectives of the exercise, as stated by the Ministry of Defence, include fostering a collaborative partnership, sharing best practices, promoting interoperability in multi-domain operations, and exchanging ideas through the joint rehearsal of tactics, techniques, and procedures for conducting tactical operations.

Q.: Where will the AUSTRAHIND-23 joint military exercise be conducted?

  • A. New Delhi, India
  • B. Perth, Australia
  • C. GORKHA Rifles, India
  • D. 13th Brigade, Australia

Ans : B. Perth, Australia

Pankaj Advani wins World Title at IBSF Billiards Championship 2023 in Doha

Pankaj Advani secured his 26th world title by winning the World IBSF Billiards Championship 2023 in Doha, Qatar, on November 21, 2023.

In the final, Advani defeated Sourav Kothari with an impressive margin of 1000-416. The championship took place in Doha, Qatar, and marked another significant achievement in Pankaj Advani’s illustrious career in billiards.

Q.: Who did Pankaj Advani defeat in the finals of the World IBSF Billiards Championship 2023?

A. Rupesh Shah
B. Sourav Kothari
C. Anuja Thakur
D. Subhash Agarwal

Ans : B. Sourav Kothari

Dr. S.S. Badrinath, the founder of Sankara Nethralaya, passed away

Dr. S.S. Badrinath, the founder of Sankara Nethralaya, passed away in Chennai on November 21, 2023, at the age of 83 due to illness.

  1. Born on February 24, 1940, Dr. Badrinath graduated from Madras Medical College in 1962 and pursued post-graduation in the United States.
  2. After returning to India in 1970, he worked with the Voluntary Health Services in Adyar and performed a cataract surgery on his spiritual guru Chandrasekara Saraswathi Swamigal, who was closely associated with the Sankara Mutt.
  3. Dr. Badrinath founded Sankara Nethralaya as a unit of the Medical Research Foundation in 1978.
  4. He received the Padma Shri in 1983 and the Padma Bhushan in 1999 for his contributions to the field of medicine.
  5. The institution he founded, Sankara Nethralaya, has become an iconic symbol of the progress of modern medicine.

Q.: Who is the founder of Sankara Nethralaya in Chennai?

A. Dr Rupesh Shah
B. Dr Naresh Trehan
C. Dr. S.S. Badrinath
D. Dr Prathap C. Reddy

Ans : C. Dr. S.S. Badrinath

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