Daily Current Affairs MCQ : 02 May 2024

Daily Current Affairs : 02 May 2024, MCQ questions with detail explanation and extra fact for the preparation of competitive exams.

Daily MCQs : 02 May 2024

Q: When is International Labour Day observed?
a) June 1
b) May 15
c) April 1
d) May 1

Ans : d) May 1
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Q: What is the Supersonic Missile-Assisted Release of Torpedo (SMART) system designed to enhance?
a) Airborne surveillance
b) Anti-submarine warfare capabilities
c) Ground-based missile defense
d) Cybersecurity operations

Ans : b) Anti-submarine warfare capabilities
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Q: What is SLU in the context of elections?
a) Single Log Unit
b) Symbol Loading Unit
c) Security Locking Unit
d) Surveillance Logging Unit

Ans : b) Symbol Loading Unit
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