Daily Current Affairs MCQ : 05 & 06 May 2024

Daily Current Affairs : 05 & 06 May 2024, MCQ questions with detail explanation and extra fact for the preparation of competitive exams.

Daily MCQs : 05 & 06 May 2024

Question : Who was appointed as the National Ambassador for UNICEF India in May 2024?
a) Priyanka Chopra
b) Kareena Kapoor Khan
c) Deepika Padukone
d) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Answer: b) Kareena Kapoor Khan
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Q.: How many countries’ representatives participated in the International Election Visitors’ Programme (IEVP) hosted by the Election Commission of India (ECI)?
a) 75
b) 23
c) 6
d) 15

Ans : b) 23
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Q.: Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India as on May 2024.
A) Sunil Arora 
B) Sushil Chandra 
C) Om Prakash Rawat 
D) Rajiv Kumar

Ans : D) Rajiv Kumar
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Q.: Which of the following athletes was NOT a part of the Indian women’s 4×400 metre relay team that qualified for the Paris Olympics 2024?
a) Rupal Chaudhary
b) M R Poovamma
c) Hima Das
d) Jyothika Sri Dandi

Ans : c) Hima Das
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Q. : When and where is the ninth ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2024 scheduled to take place?
a) 3 to 20 October in England
b) 3 to 20 October in Bangladesh
c) 1 to 18 November in Australia
d) 5 to 22 September in India

Ans : b) 3 to 20 October in Bangladesh
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