Daily Current Affairs MCQ : 15 May 2024

Daily Current Affairs : 15 May 2024, MCQ questions with detail explanation and extra fact for the preparation of competitive exams.

Daily MCQs : 15 May 2024

Q: Where does the Cannes Film Festival take place annually?
a) Paris
b) Cannes
c) London
d) New York

Ans : b) Cannes
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Q: Which day is proclaimed as World Football Day by the United Nations General Assembly?
a) 24th May
b) 25th May
c) 26th May
d) 27th May

Ans : b) 25th May
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Q: In which city were the 1924 Summer Olympic Games held, where the first international football tournament with representation from all regions took place?
a) Berlin
b) Tokyo
c) Paris
d) London

Ans : c) Paris
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Q: Which organization included the Ramcharitmanas, Panchatantra, and Sahṛdayāloka-Locana in its Memory of the World Asia-Pacific Regional Register?
c) WHO
d) World Bank

Ans : b) UNESCO
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Q: Who authored the Ramcharitmanas?
a) Acharya Anandvardhan
b) Goswami Tulsidas
c) Pandit Vishnu Sharma
d) Ramesh Chandra Gaur

Ans : b) Goswami Tulsidas
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