PM Modi Unveils Two New Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors at Kakrapar Atomic Power Station

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated two new Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (KAPS-3 and KAPS-4) at Kakrapar Atomic Power Station.
  • The inauguration took place in Navsari, South Gujarat, with an investment of 22,500 crore rupees.
  • PM Modi also initiated the construction of PM MITRA Park in Navsari.
  • The event saw the launch of various projects related to infrastructure, including roads, railways, drinking water, and healthcare.
  • PM MITRA Park is the country’s first such park dedicated to the textile sector, aimed at boosting the textile industry and increasing India’s share in textile exports.
  • The Prime Minister emphasized the government’s efforts towards making India self-reliant, with PM MITRA Park being a step in this direction.
  • He highlighted India’s competitiveness in the global textile sector and acknowledged Gujarat’s significant contribution to this achievement.

Question:What is the total investment in the two new Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors at Kakrapar Atomic Power Station?
a) 20,000 crore rupees
b) 22,500 crore rupees
c) 25,000 crore rupees
d) 30,000 crore rupees

  • Correct answer: b) 22,500 crore rupees
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